Halferty Park

Halferty Park is located at 12th Street and Park Avenue


Triangular-shaped Halferty Park is Chariton's oldest, included as "North Park" in the 1866 plat of the Coolbaugh and Brooks Addition to the city. For many years, it also was the City's most widely used, including as a site for Chautauqua events that attracted audiences in the thousands. It was renamed Halferty Park in 2010 in honor of Pvt. Donald L. Halferty, only 17 when he was killed in combat in Korea on Aug. 6, 1950.

(Information provide by Frank Myers)


Amenities Include

  • Playground Equipment - Jungle Climber
  • Shelter and Picnic Tables 
  • BBQ Grill 
  • Concession Stands
  • Restrooms 
  • Softball Fields 


*** Future Playground Improvements for Halferty Park***