Chariton City Lakes Master Plan

Chariton City Lakes have long served the community of Chariton and the Lucas County area as a natural escape for fishing, wildlife exploration, and boating. Currently, both of these lakes remain primarily underdeveloped. To expand recreational opportunities at the lakes, the City of Chariton has initiated a master planning process to evaluate current conditions of the sites, identify community needs and values, and create a vision for the future of Lakes Ellis and Morris.


What is a Master Plan?

A Master Planning effort has been initiated by the City of Chariton to establish a vision for the futures of Lake Ellis and Lake Morris. A master plan is a community’s vision for the next 20-25 years. Once complete, this master plan will serve the City in identifying community needs and values, prioritizing future recreation projects, and maintaining the value these two natural resources bring to

the community of Chariton and its surrounding area. The City of Chariton is pursuing the development of this master plan to improve the existing conditions at Lake Ellis and Morris and to better serve current and future users of these lakes.

The information collected during the planning process will be considered by the Chariton City Lakes Commission as they work to develop future improvements to Lakes Ellis and Morris.